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New classroom

High Bank Day Nursery has been given the go-ahead to build a new classroom after altering its original layout to keep children, staff, and parents safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have received approval to proceed with the construction of the new room for our older pre-school (aged 3-5) children.

The timber-framed building will sit alongside and complement a poly-tunnel which was converted into an ‘outdoor’ classroom in the summer to provide pre-school children with their own learning bubble.

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Frank the Pig

Tweenies visit our mini farm each day and their first outing in September involved feeding Frank the Pig and goats Sally and Tinsel some yummy vegetables.

With Autumn now with us, toddlers started to look at this season of the year by painting leaves different colours and looking at the prints they make.

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New adventure

August started on a tearful (and happy) note as we said goodbye to the pre-school children who are leaving to start their new adventure at ‘big school’.

It would, of course, been great to have parents and family members present, but we know you understand the reasons why this was not possible this year and that you enjoyed the next best thing – watching the graduation videos and then receiving the professional graduation pictures.

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