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Coach Shane

If a child at High Bank goes on to score the winning goal for their team at Wembley in the years to come, the chances are that in their post-match interview, among the people they will thank for helping them to reach this pinnacle is Coach Shane.

They will, of course, be referring to Shane Readman, the football coach who comes into the nursery each week to support the children.

But it’s not just actual football that the children are learning when he’s at the nursery.

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Martin Thorpe

A bit like Star Wars, Martin Thorpe jokes his passion for music started ‘a long time ago’, although rather than a galaxy far away, in his case it was in London.

It’s a passion which benefits children today at High Bank thanks to Martin’s role as ‘The Music Man’.
Martin, 65, comes to the nursery each week to sing songs with our pre-school children, as part of the extra-curricular activities we offer at no extra costs.

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A creative start

Toddlers got the year off to a creative start by doing some large-scale painting. They painted with different patterned rollers to decorate clingfilm using their sharing and turn taking skills.

They also enjoyed getting in the new tepee to share a story with their friends.

Tweenies enjoyed baking cookies and apart from the final product, which was delicious, it was great sensory experience for them as they touched the different ingredients.

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