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A mum who is fundraising to help her one-year-old son and other children who have suffered a brain injury has described how she “has never been more moved in my life” by staff at High Bank who recently completed a sponsored walk.

Laura Anscomb had no intention of sending her 19-month-old son Vinnie to nursery until she saw an advert on Facebook for High Bank.

She didn’t think a nursery environment would be suitable for Vinnie, who has cerebral palsy and other disabilities caused by moderate brain damage during birth, but having seen pictures of, and then visited the farm-based nursery, she realised it could further aid his development and become more independent.

Now, less than a year after starting at High Bank, Vinnie is making great progress and staff at the nursery recently completed a seven-mile sponsored walk to raise money for therapy equipment for Vinnie and other children affected by brain injury.

The walk raised an amazing £1,810.

Laura said: “Never in my life have myself and my family been more moved than watching the staff at nursery head off for their three-hour fundraiser walk. Every single one of them are truly amazing.

“They have gone above and beyond since he started there but the doing the walk on their day is just amazing, and I am so glad I chose High Bank.”

Zara Watkinson, High Bank Day Nursery Manager, said: “We treat Vinnie no differently than any other child at High Bank and he is much loved by staff at the nursery who think he is a real inspiration.

“As soon as we heard about the fundraising, we knew we wanted to do something for Vinnie and are delighted to have been able to do our own little bit for him.”

Vinnie has range of disabilities/diagnoses, such as cerebral palsy, which affects his muscle function on the whole right side of his body, as well as part of his left side. This means he struggles to walk, breathe, and eat.

As part of his therapy, Laura has set up a fundraising page to raise money for specialist equipment for a therapy room in their home in Sadberge, near Darlington. This includes a treadmill which hopefully one day get him up and stable on his feet and a hyper vibe plate to help build his weak muscles that are affected by cerebral palsy.

However, Laura says if she reaches her fundraising target, the equipment won’t just be of benefit to Vinnie.

She explains: “The dream is that Vinnie, his extra precious friends and other children in the North East whose parents perhaps can’t afford private therapy, or don’t have the funds to buy equipment for their children, can come to our home to use the equipment completely free of charge.

“This is because every child like Vinnie who has no cure for their brain damage deserves access to therapy to give them the best shot in life after a rough start.”

People who would like to support the fundraising appeal can visit Laura’s Just Giving page.

Laura also has an Instagram page which she uses to raise awareness about children born with a brain injury.

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