Our Practitioners – Sophie

Sophie Arthur took the apprenticeship route into childcare and says this work-based learning approach was perfect for her.

She says: “I did voluntary work for children in Africa, so this gave me the incentive to go into childcare as a profession and after my apprenticeship at a school nursery I came to High Bank five years ago and haven’t looked back since.”

Sophie has worked in three of our four rooms and now is an Early Years Practitioners in babies.

She adds: “Babies, especially the younger ones, can’t do much for themselves so you need to be patience and caring, but it’s so rewarding seeing them grow and develop in front of your eyes and knowing you had a role to play in this.”

Aged 26, Sophie is already looking to the future.

She adds: “There’s scope to progress at High Bank so I would love to become room leader or even manager one day.

“Zara, our current manager, started as a practitioner in our pre-school room, so it’s definitely possible!”

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