Our Practitioners – Anna

Anna Ward is training to be a primary school teacher but just a few days working at High Bank has left her considering her future career options.

Currently studying at university, the 19-year-old is working in the pre-school at High Bank to gain some experience of what it will be like when she starts working at a school.

But even though it’s early days, and she has plenty of time to decide, being at High Bank has given her food for thought.

She explains: “I had only been here a few days and I went home and told my mum that I could easily see myself working here.

“It’s so rewarding and the children in pre-school are at the age where you can really help with their development as they get ready to go to school.

“I am gaining some fantastic experience and I am now certainly going to be leaving my options open once I complete my degree.”

Outside of work, Anna is a big football fan and enjoys watching her brother Tom play cricket for Durham.

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