The Professionals

When it comes to the development of the children at High Bank, we very much believe in leaving it to The Professionals

And that’s why as part of their learning journey, and to prepare them for school later this year, we have encouraged parents to come into the nursery to talk to the pre-school children about their profession.

One of our parents, who is in the armed forces, came and talked about what he does, as well as letting the children look at his backpack, 24-hour food parcels and, very excitingly, his medals.

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Sent packing

Pre-school children were sent packing – but don’t worry they are not leaving the nursery just yet.

The children recently spent a morning doing a bag pack at the Morrison’s store in Morton Park Darlington.

They helped grateful shoppers to pack their groceries and in return people were asked to make a small donation.

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Top 20 nurseries

Reviews from parents have resulted in High Bank being named one of the top 20 nurseries in the North-East of England.

A perfect review score of ten out of ten meant we have been awarded the accolade from the UK’s leading nursery review website, Day Nurseries 

It comes just 18 months after we were rated outstanding by the national regulator of nurseries, Ofsted.

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