Being outdoors

We may not have had the best weather in June, but that didn’t stop the children being outdoors for much of the time, enjoying a range of activities.

One of the most exciting things that happened during the month was the arrival of someone new.
No, on this occasion it was not another new child, although it’s always great to welcome families to the High Bank family, but a pot-bellied pig called Frank.

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Busy May

It was a busy May full of activities here at High Bank Day Nursery.

Children in our toddler room flew to the moon and back thanks to the amazing rockets they made as part of theme of ‘space’. Our tweenies got some respite from nice weather we had earlier in May (where did that disappear to?) by creating some moon dough. Sensory-rich experiences are important for brain development, as well as being lots and lots of fun!

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Farm shop

Children at High Bank Day Nursery now also have a farm shop to help them develop their learning.

Part of the pre-school room has been transformed into a farm shop complete with fruit and vegetables, scales, till and pretend money.

The children are using the shop to learn everything from the difference between fruit and vegetables and which parts of the world they come from, through to how to weigh produce, set prices and give and receive change.

It’s already proving a big hit with the children.

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