Frank the Pig

Tweenies visit our mini farm each day and their first outing in September involved feeding Frank the Pig and goats Sally and Tinsel some yummy vegetables.

With Autumn now with us, toddlers started to look at this season of the year by painting leaves different colours and looking at the prints they make.

Pre-school enjoyed picking apples in readiness for the making of apple crumbles which we hope the parents who subsequently bought them enjoyed. They also set up their own fruit and vegetable shop in their outdoor/indoor classroom, and used potatoes dug up from the garden to make their own potato people. We’re very self-sustaining at High Bank!

Babies also got in the autumn spirit by using different colours to make their own pictures.

Autumn is also associated with harvesting, so pre-school learned about the scarecrows wedding story as part of our Harvest topic. The children helped Minnie to make fabulous scarecrows called Betty O`Barley and Harry O`Hay.

They also didn’t let the rain spoil the opportunity to take part in Gardening Club. One group planted some late Margarite seedlings, and the other group deseeded the sunflower heads. The sunflower seeds will be dried out to plant next year for more beautiful sunflowers and fed to the birds. Lucky, we have our Poly Tunnel for gardening activities on a wet day!

Tweenies did some investigating using magnifying glass, and pipe cleaners. With the pipe cleaners they used their fine motor skills to place them in the holes.

A month is never the same without forest school, so pre-school helped to make a campfire, and found some snails which they were fascinated with. They got to see how the snails move and their trail they leave.

Tweenies were back on the farm collecting eggs which we sell for £1 for six or £2 for 12. That’s cheaper than Sainsbury’s and fresher too!

See you in October!!

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