Four seasons in one month

We experienced four seasons in one month during February but as ever, the weather never gets in the way at High Bank.

During Children’s Mental Health Week, Tweenies enjoyed using their sensory skills to squish the different textures in the sensory bags, which is a great relaxation technique.

Continuing the sensory theme, they explored the herby play dough by smelling, rolling, squeezing and chopping it.

They turned to textures by using different cereals to make it look like sand and moulding it into shapes.

Tweenies love dressing up so this time they wore animal masks and pretended they were in the jungle.

Toddlers had lots of fun in the snow today, making snow angels and lots of other fun things.

They then went back inside to practice their co-ordination skills by hammering tees into the wooden block. And following on from our talk about feelings, toddlers talked about being kind to their friends. They each coloured in a hat and chose a friend to swap with.

It was Chinese New Year in February and toddlers had lots of fun gluing and sticking a large Chinse dragon head for our celebrations. They also dressed up in Chinese clothes and had a Chinese meal.

Using their curiosity approach toddlers figured out different ways to use wooden blocks. Some built towers, some made walkways and others used them as ramps for the cars. Lots of curious fun.

Pre-school also got into the Chinese New Year spirit by making their own dragon and playing music.

With the snow still around, they made Jack Frost tubs in the snow and left them outside to see what they looked like when frozen.

Pre-school went back in to get warm and used their ICT skills to do some maths based activities, particularly numbers and counting.

The children enjoyed celebrating pancake day and got to make their own pancakes with support and even did a pancake race.

Can you believe that’s only a tiny summary of what we did in February? See you in March when hopefully spring will have sprung!

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