A Covid-19 secure nursery

After the Government gave nurseries the go-ahead to re-open from 1st June, we spent a lot of time making High Bank a Covid-19 secure nursery ready to welcome the children back, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Tweenies got busy straight away planting sunflower seeds and investigating their new, and very own, garden.

Pre-school are currently using the new Polytunnel as their ‘classroom’ so we can maintain our social distancing bubbles, and they loved investigating their new surroundings and seeing the cows up close!

We celebrated Minnie’s 50th birthday with a cake and the babies visited the farm animals, which they had been missing since the nursery had to close.

Martin, the music man, and Delphine, our French teacher, continued to teach remotely via video on our Facebook page and we’re looking forward to welcoming them back when it’s safe to do so.

Pre-school make face-shields and spoke about Covid-19 and how we use good hygiene in the nursery to protect ourselves.

Gill made some lovely red and white alphabet tin planters in the park and was happy to be back at Forest School again. The children made a new stick den and mini dens for the animals and wildlife.

Toddlers also settled in well and enjoyed being outside in the nice weather and playing in the revamp.

Tweenies loved collecting different natural objects, such as leaves and flowers, to make a display. This has been good for their sensory skills.

Pre-school also spent a lot of time outside and in gardening club they planted lots of nice things which should hopefully sprout up in the coming months.

The new baby/tweenie area has artificial grass, which was kindly discounted by Grass Direct, so they love sitting on and touching it – and it means they don’t get muddy!

Esther and the children in Preschool made a lovely mini-beast display using natural materials and placing it in the polytunnel for everyone to view.

With the lovely heatwave at the end of the month, tweenies soaked up the rays (safely) and enjoyed their own spa day. Who needs a spa pool when you have a few washing up bowls and a hose!

We ended the month by adopting a dog, Willow and with toddlers using new individual trays to make patterns using gloop!


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