Cooking up plans

Sarah Eborn is enjoying working at High Bank so much that she is already cooking up plans to enrol her youngest son in the nursery.

Sarah joined us as a Kitchen Assistant in May and she assists Karl, our Cook, in preparing the children’s food and ensuring our kitchen always remains spotlessly clean and tidy.

This is her first time working in a nursery, having previously been a full-time mum and then working in homecare for a while.

She says: “It has always been my ambition to work in a nursery and I have been blown away with how amazing High Bank is.

“All the food we prepare is fresh and locally sourced and there are lots of fruit and vegetables – the variety is incredible.”

Sarah says she particularly likes the interaction she has with the children.

She adds: “I sometimes help to cover lunches so working in the rooms is nice and bringing the children their food and chatting to them each day is great.

“I like it here so much that I am hoping my youngest son can come here in September, as I cannot think of anything better for him.

“It is a fantastic setting with so much to offer. I have wanted a job like this all my life so I could not be happier.”

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