Charity on the mind

We started September with charity on the mind and the month couldn’t have got off to a better start!

Our first-ever car boot sale was a great success, with sellers, buyers and visitors contributing to our final fundraising total of £620. The money will go out charity of the year, Darlington Mind.

Two of the visitors to the event were former High Bank ‘learners’ William Shaefer, aged 12, and William Ryan, aged 18. It’s always great to see some of our ‘old alumni’!

In the rooms, babies enjoyed baking cheese scones with Julie. They helped to mix up the ingredients and they also cutters to make the shapes. The best bit of all was eating them, yum yum!

We introduced the children in tweenies to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat’ by Henriette Barkow Jago. This encouraged us to set up the outside area with story themed resources so that children of all ages would be encouraged to retell the story and engage in make believe.

The tweenies also explored flour, yeast and water to make their own bread. They enjoyed kneading, pulling and stretching the dough. The end result was most delicious as tweenies shared their bread with all of the children to enjoy for their mid-afternoon snack.

Our pre-school children enjoyed picking brambles and making lovely pictures with them. They also enjoyed eating them, the brambles, not the pictures!

We love investigating our farm. The children got to collect some wheat and they talked about the wheat being processed and how it goes through a combine harvester. They then learnt that wheat is made into flour and this then makes the bread we eat. How exciting that we can do all this on our farm-based nursery?

As Autumn arrived, Minnie, in pre-school, set up some lovely autumn activities in our covered outside area, which the children really enjoyed.

Back in tweenies and we explored hedgehogs. We used sticks to create our very own hedgehogs. We heard many words from the children including “Spikey” and “More!” They had lots of fun practising their speech and fine motor skills.

That’s just a very small insight in what happened at High Bank during September.

Will October be even busier? You will have to wait and see but one thing’s for sure and that is it’s bound to be spooky…….

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