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Days to celebrate

There were plenty of days to celebrate and for the children to learn more about during March.

Toddlers started the month by celebrating St David’s Day. They made Welsh cakes, explored the smell and texture of leeks and we even learned some Welsh words.

Tweenies also had food on their minds, but in their case, they used their senses to touch, smell, taste and feel lots of different vegetables.

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Coach Shane

If a child at High Bank goes on to score the winning goal for their team at Wembley in the years to come, the chances are that in their post-match interview, among the people they will thank for helping them to reach this pinnacle is Coach Shane.

They will, of course, be referring to Shane Readman, the football coach who comes into the nursery each week to support the children.

But it’s not just actual football that the children are learning when he’s at the nursery.

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Four seasons in one month

We experienced four seasons in one month during February but as ever, the weather never gets in the way at High Bank.

During Children’s Mental Health Week, Tweenies enjoyed using their sensory skills to squish the different textures in the sensory bags, which is a great relaxation technique.

Continuing the sensory theme, they explored the herby play dough by smelling, rolling, squeezing and chopping it.

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