Being outdoors

We may not have had the best weather in June, but that didn’t stop the children being outdoors for much of the time, enjoying a range of activities.

One of the most exciting things that happened during the month was the arrival of someone new.
No, on this occasion it was not another new child, although it’s always great to welcome families to the High Bank family, but a pot-bellied pig called Frank.

Frank was looking for a new home, so the mini farm was the perfect place for him, and the children enjoyed visiting our new ‘resident’.

Children in pre-school took part in a brainstorming session which asked the question what foods make our tummy happy or sad? This was around the theme of food and nutrition.

There were some fantastic answers. Thea said cauliflower made her tummy feel happy while Ferdia said carrots. Raine went for pears and Harry plumped for milk.

When it came to foods that make our tummy’s sad, Raine said McDonalds, Harry said fizzy pop and Stanley said chocolate cookies!

Our four-year-olds certainly liked being outdoors for their sports day. They are going off on their school journey this September with some wonderful life skills such as teamwork, good communication, confidence, resilience and most importantly the ability to support their peers no matter what their level of ability. Our children have learnt that competition should be with yourself, nobody else!

That’s just a small snapshot of what was happening at High Bank during June, see you in July!

Please get in touch if you are interested in your child coming to High Bank.

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