A flying start

Tweenies got July off to a flying start by having lots of fun outside. They did lots of different movements around the grass area and used the fantastic open space to practice their running – watch out Mo Farah!

Meanwhile, inside, toddlers used play dough to make lots of different shapes using shape cutters and their own hands. They also enjoyed the musical theatre, making different sounds with the musical instruments – watch out Ed Sheeran!

Babies got their ‘craft on’ by using brushes and rollers to paint some fantastic marks on paper – watch out Banksie!

Pre-school continue to learn lots at pre-school, this time making their own tasting sticks so they could toast marshmallows on a campfire – watch out Bear Grylls!

Tweenies explored the vegetable and fruit garden and eating some peas and raspberries as a snack. They also enjoyed some messy play using some yellow ‘gloop’!

Babies got to visit the animals in the farm. The animals were so pleased to see them, especially Frank the Pig.

Toddlers made their own mud pie and food by collecting natural objects from around the garden and adding them to the pan.

The sun did come out a few times in July (honestly!) and on one of the hotter days, tweenies enjoyed sitting outside in the shade eating some fruity lollies. Perfect for hot weather!

Football is back at High Bank and toddlers put the ball into the back of the net quite a few times; even Coach Shane is now worried that one of them will steal his job!

They also used another spherical object, this time marbles, to do some marble painting in a tray. Very different!

Pre-school were back in Forest School, this time making dream catchers. They did some amazing work so let’s hope it helps to scare any bad dreams away. Only nice ones allowed for our children please!

We’re not sure how we fit it all in and believe us when we say, this is just a ‘short’ summary of the kinds of activities that happen at High Bank each month.

See you in August!

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