A creative start

Toddlers got the year off to a creative start by doing some large-scale painting. They painted with different patterned rollers to decorate clingfilm using their sharing and turn taking skills.

They also enjoyed getting in the new tepee to share a story with their friends.

Tweenies enjoyed baking cookies and apart from the final product, which was delicious, it was great sensory experience for them as they touched the different ingredients.

The arrival of snow was fantastic for all the children, but the play was not confined to outdoors. We brought snow inside for our tweenies to investigate – cold, wet, and squidgy, what could be better?

There was also, of course, plenty of snowmen being made outside, as well as a few snow angels too!

Toddlers also did some baking, in their case making cupcakes with Bethany, which was very enjoyable, yum yum!

It was Chinese New Year this month, so this provided tweenies with a great way to practice their fine motor skills using chop sticks to pick up noodles and rice.

Fine motor skills were also on display in baby room as our younger children used cutters in the playdoh for a lovely sensory experience.

As part of our winter theme, pre-school have been enjoying the story ‘One Snowy Night’. The children loved playing with the winter objects in the winter tuff tray scene. They also did some lovely transient art activities, being creative and designing their own snowflakes.

Tweenies had a ball playing with puppets and investigating the Geli bath which involved mixing powder and water together.

Pre-school looked at books about Australia to mark Australia Day, while toddler welcome a new face, in the shape of Bert the guinea pig who has come inside to stay warm. They are taking responsibility for filling his food and water up daily.

So, quite a lot happening. We wonder what February has in store….


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