The Enormous Turnip

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned story, so October began in pre-school with the children acting out the narrative about The Enormous Turnip, and we’re pleased to say that a lot of pulling, we managed to get the turnip out of the ground.

In tweenies, we created a lovely autumn area complete with leaves, branches, and animals, and they then went for an adventure around forest school collecting sticks to make hedgehogs. They also baked some delicious Autumn patterned cookies. Yum.

Toddlers have also been looking at autumn and Kat set up a lovely tray for the children using train tracks and numbers.

Halloween was approaching so in pre-school gardening club; gardener Alan helped the children to pick some giant pumpkins ready for carving.

And toddlers used bubble wrap to paint some very spooky ghost pictures.

With the Halloween theme still going strong, in the pre-school room we created a Room on the Broom area and the children enjoyed making different crafts. Mr Thompson also gave up some of his time to talk about the life of a farmer and one of the children was wearing the same John Deere outfit!

Tweenies didn’t miss out on Halloween activities, enjoying sticking ‘worms’ into the playdough and finding bats in the bubbles. We also made some yummy Pumpkin Pie.

And babies enjoyed doing a big Halloween poster using different coloured paints – great work babies! They also visited the farm to say hello to Frank the Pig and the other animals.

With Halloween fast approaching, tweenies goy very creative today making Halloween chocolate Apple ghosts by dipping the apples into the chocolate and using raisins for the eyes and nose. What a great snack that was!

We wonder what we be talking about in November? Here’s a clue; they will go with a bang!

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